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[AUTO] Jesus Calms the Storm
[AUTO] David and Goliath
[AUTO] In the Beginning
[AUTO] The Great Flood
[AUTO] Jonah and the Great Fish
[AUTO] The Coat of Many Colors
[AUTO] The Miracles of Jesus
[AUTO] The Tower of Babel
[AUTO] Sunday School Songs
[AUTO] Samson and Delilah


The idea of SacriLIBS is simple.

  • We take a Bible story and remove select words. Of course, we don't tell you which ones we've removed.
  • You fill out the form with the requested parts of speech, then click the SUBMIT button.
  • The new Bible story is displayed with YOUR words filling in the blanks.
  • Hilarity ensues.

If you're feeling lazy, you can have SacriLIBS fill out the story for you with words previously used by SacriLIBS players.