Blasphemy Parade

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Its like Red Dawn for Christians. The Commies have invaded (those dastardly Reds!) and the only thing they want is to hunt down Christians!

Here’s some quickie clips if you don’t have the full hour to spare:

If you can’t be converted by will, then you you be converted by fire…or by candy, in one of the best scenes put to film EVER.

You won’t step on Jesus you rickets-ridden boy?!? You don’t believe I am Russian, and in fact think I am a southern man whose accent slides around like a set of unsecured dentures? Yew stewwwpid little foooohl!

Wow. Who knew that Heaven looked so… cheap? or that the enterance to Heaven looks like a doorway to a creepy back room in a house where a gay wizard makes you strip for the camera. Oh god… oh god no. I just had a breakthrough… I, uh… I think I was… I was touched by a gay wizard in a room with that same starfield themed wallpaper. It all makes sense now. I suddenly feel… Free.

Who’s a pretty Jesus? You are! YES YOU ARE!

I just can't wait to get to that shoe sale!

“I think I’ll need to tape It back tonight. Can’t have that ‘ol thing floppin around when I’m tryin to do my Minnie Pearl routine…”

LINK: Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife

Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife

Click the pic to follow the link, and head on over to The Blasphemy Parade and leave your amusing captions, or else BAM! STRAIGHT TO HELL!

Blaphemy Parade Panel #594


Blashphemy Parade Panel #594

You’re all despicable sinners! Get right with Gawwwwwd and stop making baby Jebus cry! BE SAVED through the one and only true Word… “Winghead!”

SONG : You’re Going To Hell
ARTIST: Billy Joe Winghead
ALBUM: Dark Ride (2009)
LABEL: Zodiac Killer Records
VIDEO: ConvOi! Media
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A church pastor in Pennsylvania could face felony charges for staging a fake kidnapping of youth group students in order to teach them about religious persecution.