Blasphemy Parade

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I love your website. It\’s absolutely hilarious, but it\’s pretty depressing/disturbing to see how many misguided people there are that don\’t realize just how dumb they\’re comming off as [read: being]. Anyway, you guys are doing a great job and this site rules. Good luck and keep having fun.


I had an absolutely OUTSTANDING TIME visiting your site! God must have a sense of humor to let people like Dobson, Falwell and the rest exist – I\’m quite certain s/he kicks back on a cloud, boots up his/her laptop and spends a couple hours a nice surging COTC!!!

Thanks… You know that brings up an interesting question… what kind of framrate does God get on games? Mmmm… – SIXX

I am so glad to have found this site. You have helped me turn total anger and hate into comedy. I’ve realized how funny religion is.


Trolling the net to find out if Farting is a sin. Just a bored on a saturday night thing to do… Came across this little gem of sacrilege. Having been raised on madlibs, the sacrilibs provided me with a couple of minutes of fun. Thus I come to the thanks… Give em hell and fuck em if they can’t take a joke.


Blasphemy is VERY naughty!
You can get CRUCIFATED for doing it!

Boy don’t I know it… – JC

wona injoing with the sites friends..
great wishes

For fuck sake! Safety first people! Never, ever Injoing yourself or others without a medical proffesional observing! – SIXX

Hey dudes,

I just had a go at the Crucifun. Sweet feature! It would be even better if users saw the word they had missed.

Long live you, dudes, and glory to!


I love your site, but you don’t use any of my captions and I have to say, a lot of the “good” ones are crap. Oh well.
I think the site’s a great idea and you might be interested to know I discovered your site through a highbrow art book called Offensive Art in my galleries bookshop. Nice work!




We just thought your fans might wanna see the our latest animated venture that’s going to send us straight to Hell: 10 Seconds with Jesus. Check it out at and please let us know what you think!

Suh-weeeeet! Thanks for sharing!