Blasphemy Parade

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Filmed in 2007, originally thought lost forever due to a hard drive crash, and now resurrected from files found on an old thumb drive, we give you “Kissing Hanks Ass”, from the Parable written by the original man himself Rev. James Huber.

"... everybody Wang Chung tonight!"

Yep. Confirmed. White Jesus dances like a white guy.



Jesus cranks out moves so funk free, smell itself cannot exist near him.


Gorilla Jesus

Jesus, Why Did You Let Those Kids At Sandy Hook School Die?

Written less than 3 days after?!?

Now Available on Amazon!!!!!?!?!?!11/?!?!/!?!?!!!?!?!!

(click pic for link)

Way to go human race...

Jesus, Why Did You Let Me (Poorly) Capitalize On The Suffering Of Others?


From a customer review: “This 34 page Kindle book for only $6.99 saved my life.”



Reports say God set to protest his funeral…


Its like Red Dawn for Christians. The Commies have invaded (those dastardly Reds!) and the only thing they want is to hunt down Christians!

Here’s some quickie clips if you don’t have the full hour to spare:

If you can’t be converted by will, then you you be converted by fire…or by candy, in one of the best scenes put to film EVER.

You won’t step on Jesus you rickets-ridden boy?!? You don’t believe I am Russian, and in fact think I am a southern man whose accent slides around like a set of unsecured dentures? Yew stewwwpid little foooohl!